Program Manager

The experience of entrepreneurship unlocks human potential in powerful and unique ways. Our students tell us that starting a company–an act of creation charged with hope, promise and potential–transforms both the budding entrepreneur and the people their new venture serves. For students, the practice of entrepreneurship instills confidence, motivation, and hustle. For communities, entrepreneurship grows economies, creates jobs, and brings people together to solve problems.

Over the last seven years, 7,000 students at 60 universities, colleges, and high schools have learned entrepreneurship the 3 Day Startup way: discovering customers and validating markets, iterating, prototyping, and learning-by-doing. In the years to come, we will increase the scale and scope of experiential entrepreneurship education even further.

This adventure will take you to all corners of the earth where you will meet amazing current and future entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors. You will gain first-hand experience with numerous startup opportunities, new technologies and experiments testing the limits of caffeinated entrepreneurs. Our crew is headquartered in Austin and so should you.

We seek a ninja project/program manager to help generate and deliver 3DS programs at schools across the world.  This person would join as a full-time staff member of the 3 Day Startup crew with potential for advancement, future leadership and/or closely mentoring 3DS organizers and participants.


  • Guiding 3DS organizing teams through the program creation process
  • Fostering entrepreneurial communities through developing the leadership of local 3DS organizing teams
  • Selling 3DS programs
  • Refining and iterating on the process and tools for program creation
  • Attending 3 Day Startup programs as a program facilitator
  • Tracking and assisting the organizing progress for new 3DS programs

Qualifications required:

  • Pursuing or completed a Bachelor’s degree in a field related to education, communications, technology, or management
  • 2+ years management experience and a strong leadership background with a bias towards process improvement experience
  • Strong attention to detail and excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Excitement about entrepreneurship, startups, and university-level education
  • Depth of experience with startups strongly preferred

If you’re interested in joining the team, you can apply here.

Minimum salary: $35,000 depending on qualifications

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